The Ottoman Empire : European Influence Of The Ottoman Empire

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The Ottoman empire was one of the most successful and powerful empires of their time. The empire was built to become the largest and most influential of the multitude of Muslim empires. The empire lasted many years because of its strong janissary army and rulers. It had sultans that conquered lands throughout Europe, Africa and Asia around the Anatolia region. Their military expanded over and into much of Europe, along with Islam. Though power shifted towards Europe, this shift was not inevitable.
European dominance of the Anatolia region was avoidable because of the Ottoman Empire. Prior to the empire, there was dynastic civil warfare in this region. Mehemed II the conqueror, who is considered the real creator of the empire, took a newly built and advanced navy across Pera to the Bosporus, to attack both of the walls of Constantinople in order to conquer the city. He later renamed it Istanbul. Selim the Grim created the Ottoman navy, which effectively captured Mesopotamia, Egypt and Syria and was then able to acquire the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Sultan Suleiman drove the Ottoman Empire to conquering most of its lands. Suleiman conquered great cities, and introduced military machines to the great Ottoman Empire. Most of the lasting history of this empire relies on the achievements made by this one ruler. For example, "Suleiman doubled the size of the empire and oversaw its expansion throughout the Balkans and Hungary and as far west as Vienna. He also oversaw
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