The Ottoman Empire

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Our History 102 class topics were interesting and enlightening. From discoveries to parliaments our lives have been changed through evolutions and revolutions. Though there were many topics that sparked my interest and choosing one to elaborate on the Ottoman Empire stood out most. This analysis will show its development and reasons for its nick name as the Sick man of Europe. Ottoman Turks were established in Turkey. This area was rich and famous. The land at that time was called Anatolia that meant sunrise, or the East. After the death of the ruler, Alexander the Great, Anatolia was split between many Greek generals. The early Turks came from Central Asia after being pushed out by the Mongols. In the eighth century they came into contact with Muslims that transpired into them embracing the Islamic religion. It was the period of industrialization that is development and money making initiative. Through this initiative and collaboration Mosques, inns, schools, and bridges were built creating canvas routes that went through the Middle East to China. In 1040 at the time known as the Seljuk Turks that rose to power and created an empire. The Turkish language was then presented to the region. After a major battle called at Malazgirt in Eastern Anatolia that created a Muslim Turkish influence on Anatolia this was the beginning of four crusades that ended in war to the region. The Seljuk Empire came to end by the 13th century after being beaten by Mongol powers. In 1330, the
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