The Ottoman Empire : Strength And Fall Of The Ottoman Empire

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Before the First World War even began, the Ottoman Empire was in a state of weakness and rapid transformation. The nineteenth century was one of humiliation, as the Ottomans struggled to recover control of their corrupted and exhausted military, failing economy, and lost territories. In an attempt to reestablish themselves as a major power and regain land that was taken by the Balkans and Russia, they formed an alliance with Britain’s enemy, Germany. Although the Ottoman Empire was in no shape to fight in another war, it looked like there was one in the future.
The slowest of all great powers, the Ottoman Empire joined the Central Powers to form the Triple Alliance when World War 1 began in October 1914. After the Ottomans ordered a fleet into the Black Sea to attack the Russians, Russia declared war. Throughout the war, their territories were constantly under attack by the Triple Entente; Russia, Britain, and France. The United Kingdom and France invaded the Ottoman Empire through Palestine. Initially, the Ottomans maintained their defenses and had some important victories. However, that was not enough, four years later, over millions of soldiers dead and many more wounded, the advancing Allies were too much, forcing them to agree to an Armistice in 1918. When World War 1 ended, the Ottoman Empire collapsed altogether. The Armistice of October 1918 may have ended the fighting between the Ottoman Empire and their allies, but it did not bring establishment or peace to
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