The Ottoman Empire : The Decline Of The Ottoman Empire

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One year into World War I, 1915, and the Ottoman Empire is in a downward spiral. The Ottoman Empire had been a very powerful empire ever since the 14th century, standing tall through whatever was thrown their way. But as the Ottomans were fighting against the Russians, their decline became significant, so significant that they joined the Central Powers, Austria-Hungary and Germany. The Ottoman Turks were so desperate to blame their failures on something, they decided to blame it on the Armenians living in northern Turkey. To this day, Armenians around the world still remember what happened to their ancestors, never forgetting a single moment. The Ottoman Empire was established in the early 1300’s. The Ottoman Turks were in a constant state being in power, only having a few slip ups here and there. The Ottoman Empire was placed around the Mediterranean Sea and was diverse throughout its empire. They were the best at trading and taking over other places around them. The Ottoman Turks have been known to prosecute certain people that they didn’t like, and they let that show during World War I. World War I was the most brutal at the time. People were getting killed left and right. The Ottoman Empire, on the other hand, was in decline. They were trying to fight the Russians in the north and maintaining their empire. Things were getting so out of control that the Young Turks looked for something to blame their decline on. They looked straight at the Armenian people. There was approximately two million Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire at the time. 1 Before the Armenian genocide, the world didn’t really know about genocides and what happens during them. The definition of a genocide is an organized way of killing people, trying to get rid of an entire race, and that’s exactly what the Ottoman Turks started to do to the Armenians. Into the second year of World War I, in April is when the Ottoman Turks started their prosecution on the two million Armenians living in northern Turkey. The Ottoman Turks started off with rounding up Armenian intellectuals and brought them to the main square and hung them in front of everyone. As time went on, the Ottoman Turks rounded up more and more Armenians
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