The Ottoman Of The Byzantine Empire

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The Byzantine army was a very large and successful army that brought the Byzantine Empire into the middle ages. The army flourished because of their new developments in warfare, and their organized battle tactics. The fall of the Byzantine Empire was due to the Ottoman Turks, who had been pushing borders constantly. The Byzantine Empire never had complete military peace throughout their entire 1000 years. This lead to several influential developments in their civilization. Through this paper, I will discuss various types of troops and formations that the Byzantine Army used for many years as well as the overall organization. After the fall of Rome, and due to Diocletian 's efforts, the land was split up into two parts, East, and West. The western part was claimed by the Goth’s and other enemies. A city in the eastern part of the territory called Byzantium was reclaimed by the people inhabiting the area, mainly Greeks.The civilization of Byzantium was formed as a result. Constantine the Great, an Emperor of the Roman Empire made a city in Eastern Rome called Constantinople (now known as Istanbul), and this city later became the capital of the Byzantine Empire, as well as the capital of ancient Christianity. In the early days of the Empire, the Byzantine army was still fighting in the old, Roman ways. Their strategies were not working well, as they had too much land to govern from one location. Their military was small, because they did not have enough money from tax, a
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