The Our Lady Of Lake Community Counseling Center

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The Our Lady of Lake Community Counseling Center (CCS) purpose is to provide private, affordable counseling services for families, couples and individuals, which focuses on strengths and solutions (Community Counseling Service, n.d.). The center is designed to help people and their families to function better with their feelings, and engage in healthier relationships. CCS helps with the mental health needs of all San Antonio, but its target population is the community on the West Side of the city (Community Counseling Service, n.d.). CSS offers counseling services to individual, marital and family, the CSS even offers psychological testing. Moreover, CSS provides counseling to Our Lady of the Lake university students and also offers Spanish speaking services. Additionally, CSS is intended to help individuals think and behave more efficiently and improve control over their lives (Community Counseling Service, n.d.). The means to which the services are provided is through appointments and walk ins. CSS is a walk-in clinic from 10 a.m. until 5 pm, when clients come during between 10 and 5 they can be seen that same day (Community Counseling Service, n.d.). Additionally, clients can make appointments during the day, evening and or on the weekend. Additionally, the fees for the service provided by the clinic are based on income and number of people in said client’s household. The CSS takes Medicaid and will even help clients with their insurance claims. CSS makes it clear that
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