The Out of Sight Transformation

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The Out of Sight Transformation Travel has always been associated with relaxation and enjoyment. People travel to explore new or revisit favorite places. The idea that travel could also be a conduit for self growth and awareness,as discussed in the article Transformative Travel,is a very new concept but old tradition. Various religious groups send people across the world as missionaries. Missionary work was identified as a group involvement. everyone on the mission fulfilled the same purpose. Transformative travel is a combination of mission work and travel of leisure except it is based on an individual's personal goal. Susan Ross,the author of the article Transformative Travel, assembles the transformative traveler into…show more content…
A journey that impacts each character differently. The characters in the book each possessed one or more of the characteristic that defines a transformative traveler. The Texan priest appeared to be an operative role ,amongst the crew, as a pilot. It is not until later that D.W.'s magnanimous leadership persona infects everyone on the asteroid. D.W. Yarborough's personal reason for taking the journey only becomes apparent right before his death. D.W.'s transformative profile would be that of an adventure/ challenge and healing travler. D.W. belonged to the order of priesthood called the Jesuits. The priesthood was the only alternative to harness D.W.'s demons. The Jesuits strict guidelines gave D.W. the necessary restraints to control his secular urges. The idea of of piloting the 'asteroid', reawakened a sleeping passion for D.W. The guilt from participating in the worldly adventure was easily dismissed . D.W. was honored that the request came from the Jesuits ,which allowed him the opportunity to participate free of guilt. The Jesuit approval gave credence to D.W's out of the ordinary confidence. D.W.'s love for Emilio was also a deciding factor to take this journey. The love that was extended by D.W to Emilio skimmed the line between agape and eros love. The fact that he was Emilio's mentor was an excellent guise concealing his true feelings. D.W. absorbed the blame regarding Emilio's

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