The Outbreak Of Bse ( Mad Cow Disease )

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The surge of goods and services have also increased opportunities for the spreading of disease. The outbreak of BSE (Mad Cow Disease) is an example of this. Mosquitoes that carry malaria have been found on planes and so have infected seafood carrying cholera bacteria being shipped by boat. Compression of time through international air travel, boats, etc. make it likely for people to cross continents in periods of time shorter than the incubation periods of most diseases. Because of this people can infect others unbeknownst to them that anything is wrong.

The globalization of food supplies needs safety standards for food production and processing. Historically developed states tend to the take the harder blows from the transmission of
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There should also be laws to protect their status in the country since they are part of it. They should have access to adequate health care and insurance and be paid sick leave. To not do this will only put the whole country at risk at outbreaks of food borne illnesses.

New innovations in technology would help a great deal in decreasing the spread of disease. For example, finding an alternative way to have air in an airplane. The way we now have it the air in an airplane simply recirculates the air that’s already there. So the diseases in the airplane are rebreathed and don’t go away for the duration of the plan ride. This poses a greater risk for infection. A way to replace the air continually would decrease the risk. Dealing with the increase in urbanization in developing countries I found a lot more difficult to think about. None of the solutions seem easy and the problems are ongoing. There are too many people living in these urban area mostly for the pursuit of work, they don’t have adequate drinking water, they have waste problems, along with a whole bunch of unsanitary conditions. The best I can think of is to have them be educated in jobs that they can do online so that they don’t have the need to move to these areas. But this also brings of the question of how these laptops would be provided to teach them and how they would get wifi. Also there needs to be a system in place to get them access to clean
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