The Outbreak Of Bse ( Mad Cow Disease )

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The surge of goods and services have also increased opportunities for the spreading of disease. The outbreak of BSE (Mad Cow Disease) is an example of this. Mosquitoes that carry malaria have been found on planes and so have infected seafood carrying cholera bacteria being shipped by boat. Compression of time through international air travel, boats, etc. make it likely for people to cross continents in periods of time shorter than the incubation periods of most diseases. Because of this people can infect others unbeknownst to them that anything is wrong.

The globalization of food supplies needs safety standards for food production and processing. Historically developed states tend to the take the harder blows from the transmission of diseases. Sanitary safeguards are needed to prevent something like the 1996 cyclospora bacteria infected shipment of strawberries from happing again. Whether or not the contamination was the fault of the Guatemalans is not relevant. When setting up production in another country there needs to be people who will go over germ control with them. The biggest problem that I think needs to be addressed here in the US is the treatment of the people. Namely how we treat the makers of our food- the people who make up the majority in the food service industry. These immigrants from developing countries prepare our food and should be compensated fairly for the work that they do. I think the formation of unions would help greatly in them getting better…

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