The Outbreak Of The Ebola Virus

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Risking My Life
The recent outbreak of the Ebola virus in the U.S. has raised the question on how safe are the health care workers that are exposed to the infected patients. The dangers of contracting the virus and dying is too high; also, due to emotional and physical reaction to hospital environment, I personally would not be able to give adequate care to Ebola patients and knowing a cure is not available. The risks of caring for these patients is not worth my life; I would refuse to work as a health care provider for Ebola patients.
The Ebola virus has been in the recent news. Spoke persons: who are said to be experts have given opinions, and facts about Ebola. They have given precaution steps to be taken to contain the deadly disease and reported on the possibility of spreading of this disease. A possible epidemic in the US and/or other countries is real. All the precautions and shared information is still not enough to relieve my fear as a health care provider I would come into contact with this deadly disease.
Even though workers treating Ebola patients are highly trained in the safety measures to prevent exposure to the disease, the dangers still exist. Statistics indicate that the fatality rate of people with Ebola disease is 50-90% (New York Times). Business Insider, states that the professional care personnel in a U.S. facility came in contact with the virus allegedly did not have proper protective gear and they had to deal with constant changes of safety

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