The Outbreak Of The Second World War

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The outbreak of the second world war, preceded the wake of new international institutions and treaties that, in turn, would commence a path towards true rights for mankind. These legal organizations responded to the immense magnitude of violations towards Human Rights during the 20th Century. The Second World War saw a disregard for human rights never before seen by mankind. With the genocide of Jews, incessant discrimination against race and sexuality, as well aerial bombings in support of territorial expansion, the world turned their devastation into a National Confederation against future catastrophe, the United Nations. Following the creation of the United Nations, attempted hope came in the form of coalitions such as the International Criminal Court, the European Court of Human Rights, The U.N. Human Rights Council and United Nations Security Council. The Institutions were given the mandate, by the United Nations, to be a last resort in the protection of Human Rights, even against a corrupted State Government and any other proclaimed authorities. These bodies have the jurisdiction to make judgements in support of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However, the rights of humanity are not internationally homogenous. Culture, religion, ethnicity and economic standpoints create complications and loopholes in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Therefore, limits and obstacles arise and these institutions must find a balance between Universalism and Relativism.
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