The Outcast: A Brief Story Of Katherine Jane

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Katherine Jane
Katherine Jane was an outcast. She was bullied by everyone. One day during a fire drill two popular girls pushed her down a well in front of the school. She broke her neck and was never found. There was no funeral and no one mourned for her...
Jake Jones was at his house, chilling on the couch, when his mother walked in. “I need to go take a shower.” She remarked. “Ok.” Jake growled. Jake’s mom was in the shower when she heard braking glass and a curdling scream. She ran out only to see broken glass and the couch empty...
6 Months Later... The police and detectives were swarming the front of the school. An officer was going down into a well. What he saw was a gruesome scene from a horror movie. A young man, about 16 years old
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