The Outer Banks of North Carolina

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As I walk towards the ocean with the sand warm beneath my feet, the waves lap at my ankles, seeming as if they want to pull me out to sea. The sun rises over the horizon, reflecting off the waves and shimmering like gold. The salt air smells tangy as it stings my nose with the smell I crave while I am away from the ocean. The Outer Banks in North Carolina has been my favorite place to go from my first memories. I look forward to going there every summer because there at the ocean I feel at home. It is a place where I can forget every stress in my life and be totally at peace. It is a place where my family can spend time together, not like at home where we all have activities and places to be. The Outer Banks is not a beach where the ocean …show more content…
We have always gone to this beach because when all of us kids were little the adults made a pact stating that they would never take us to Ocean City or any other place that is built up with boardwalks or other distractions. They wanted us to go the beach to just enjoy the ocean and our surroundings. We never got a beach house with a pool for the same reason; they did not want us to have that as an option--it was the ocean or nothing.

I try to spend most of my time by the ocean every day I am there because I feel like I cannot get enough of it. On a typical day I try to wake up early but that doesn’t always happen. I try to do this because in the early morning the beach peaceful and the sunrise incredible. And at this early hour you can also find the best seashells and sand dollars, too. After an early morning stroll, usually with my aunt and uncle who are the only other ones to get up early, I go back to the house to change into my bathing suit. I put my suntan lotion on for a long day on the sand. After that I go down by the water and get my beach blanket out so that I can sunbathe for most of the day. I will take a few breaks to go into the water, but only when I get so hot that I can’t stand it. I do enjoy the ocean, and although the waves are really rough during high tide, it’s still a lot of fun to be out there in the water getting jostled around. I enjoy boogie boarding or
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