The Outer Ear

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One afternoon in the library, a college student was studying hard for his Hearing Science exam. He removed his earplugs when he overheard a loud conversation behind him. The sound waves traveled around the library and began to swirl around his head. The sound wave, named Sam, became amplified and reflected down towards the student’s left concha. The Outer Ear has many structures that help to guide sound waves into the External Auditory Canal. The concha is the deepest groove and funnels the sound wave down the “s” shaped ear canal. Sam was fascinated at how the Outer Ear was shaped in order to localize sounds and push them down to the External Acoustic Canal. As acoustic energy, Sam traveled down the canal observing all the earwax …show more content…
Confused as to what ear he was in, Sam looked to the bottom and was blinded by the cone of light. He saw that it was on the right side of the Tympanic Membrane, which told him that he was in the left ear. Sam suddenly felt a little nauseous and noticed he was being pushed back and forth on the Tympanic Membrane. About to pass out from the movement, Sam was then propelled into the middle ear. Sam felt different on the other side, and realized that he was not acoustic energy anymore. He was now mechanical energy! Sam looked around and saw what looked like a slide in the distance. However, he quickly realized that this was no slide. This was the opening of the Eustachian Tube. The Eustachian Tube connects the Middle Ear to the Nasopharynx and regulates pressure and drains the Middle Ear space. The Eustachian Tube is innervated by the Tensor Veli Palatini muscle. This muscle opens and closes the tube, and is opened by yawning and chewing. Sam saw the tube open and close, and decided that it would be best to stay away from the slide. He looked at what he was standing on and noticed how familiar it looked. Sam was standing on the malleus which he saw on the other side of the Tympanic Membrane. However, the malleus looked a lot bigger. On the other side when he was in the osseous portion of the ear canal, Sam only saw the manubrium and umbo of the malleus. He was now standing on top and could see it all. He looked ahead of him and saw the
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