The Outer Layer Of The Image

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the outer layer of the image, which is not necessary for the further steps to handle in the medical applications so this pre-processing step in medical image is also called as skull stripping. Level set segmentation: Segmentation is nothing but the portioning [9] of an image. Thus, the segmentation are done for the region of interest. There are so many segmentation method but level set segmentation reduces the problem for finding the curve that encloses the regions of interest. The computation of level set segmentation are as follows: Usual choice for: signed distance to the front (0) - d(x, y,) if (x, y) inside the front (x, y, 0) = 0 if (x, y) on the front…show more content…
4. RESULTS (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) Fig.5: results of the level set segmentation. (a) Input image (b) masked image (c) gray matter segmentation (d) CSF segmentation (e) white matter segmentation (f) segmentation mask (g) ventricles mask (h) ventricles segmentation Thus, the geometrical features are extracted with respect to the all four ROI and classifiers are used for tracing the different stages of dementia. 5. CONCLUSION AND FUTURE WORK Here 299 images are considered for the training and 110 are considered for the testing. Thus after feature extraction, applying KNN algorithm the overall accuracy was found around 70%, by considering only geometrical features about 14 features . Thus, the future work involves considering textures feature also into consideration along with the geometrical feature and to improve the accuracy and finally the features that are extracted should be selected properly to increase the accuracy. 6. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would

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