The Outline Of Attachment Theory By Mary Ainsworth

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Within the outline of attachment theory, Mary Ainsworth was the first to provide a detailed description of maternal sensitivity. Maternal sensitivity is a mother 's ability to perceive and understand the meaning behind her infant 's behavioral signals, and to respond to them quickly and appropriately. In study with 73 mothers and their second-born child, stability and main-level differences between measures of maternal sensitivity across settings and over time were studied. Maternal sensitivity was considered at three and six months during bathing, free play on mother’s lap and the starting point and gathering episode of the Still Face Paradigm. Harsh discipline was predicted by maternal sensitivity at three months, which was fully mediated by maternal sensitivity at six months. The widespread attention for sensitive parenting behavior is certainly not without ground, since many studies have shown major relationships between maternal sensitivity and a variety of positive outcomes such as secure attachment, self-regulation, social functioning, and cognitive competence. What started with Ainsworth’s elaborate full-day observation developed into more well-organized methods used across a variety of settings ranging from natural daily routines to play and stress-encouraging patterns.
In the current study they aim to investigate maternal sensitivity in infancy in different situations in terms of mean-level differences, interrelations, three month stability, and the…
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