The Output And Storage Devices Appropriate For The System Software

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The input, output and storage devices appropriate for the system software
Storage devices
A device in line with is any form of hardware that store knowledge. The foremost common form of device, that nearly all computers have, may be a disc drive. Howard Campbell and mineral Boggle Graham, authors of the book Electronic Document Preparation and Management explains device as a hardware part that keep knowledge, data and program directions for good.
This is optical disk scan solely Memory stores knowledge that may be scan by a pc. it 's not writable it 's wont to distribute pc software package.
Advantage of ROM
Easy to use easily movable Cheap
Can use in several pc like portable computer
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Disadvantage of Flash drive
Easy to lose, not abundant storage in some cases
You should run application software package on a software
It is employed to designed to put briefly or intermediate files in a very pc main RAM instead of store them briefly on a flash
Memory Card the memory card used to store useful information for some time until it ready to use. They’re ordinarily utilized in several electronic devices, together with digital cameras, mobile, laptop personal computer, MP3 players and game consoles. They’re little, re-recordable and ready to retain knowledge while not power.

Advantage of Memory card
They enable a lot of immediate access they don 't manufacture any noise whereas on work they need less quantity of power they area unit simple to stay track of; memory card don 't would like organization
One will use larger card for price effectiveness
Disadvantages of Memory Card they will break simply they may be lost or misplaced simply these card may be full of electronic corruption and build the complete card illegible

Floppy disk
This is a bit that scan data from and writes knowledge to tiny low disk. The foremost common sort of floppy drive is three.
Advantages of disk
Low cost
Portable and simply on the market
Floppies area unit low cost and might be used over and over

Disadvantages of floppy disk
Floppies don’t have abundant storage capability.
Floppy disk may be full of heat.
They ought to be handled with
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