The Outsiders By S. E Hinton Essay

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Yves Belance 28 Nov 2016 V. Minchener Enc11 Research Paper The novel and film, The Outsiders by S. E Hinton, can be composed based on symbols, imagery, characters, and chronology. The Outsiders is a novel and a movie. The novel was written by Susan Eloise Hinton, in 1965, where it took place in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After the book was published the movie, The Outsiders was produced in 1983 directed by Francis Ford Coppola. The author has a great sense of imagery. Ponyboy the narrator of the story used much imagery in chapter one in the novel to bring his brother and friends who are also Greasers to life. Ponyboy 's big brother, Darry who "had eyes that are like two pieces of pale blue green ice" letting the reader know that Darry is the serious and determined person. In addition with "broad shoulders", "muscular" and "six two feet height", from the description, the reader can picture Darry as an athlete from the physical appearance. Ponyboy uses imagery on his second older brother Sodapop "His eyes are dark brown lively, dancing recklessly laughing eyes that can be gentle and sympathetic one moment and blazing with anger the next". The descriptions gave Sodapop an image that signified effervescent and a slight of anger but kind. Dally one of Ponyboy friends and a member of the Greasers, has eyes that are "blue, blazing ice, and cold let the reader know that Dallas heart if filled with rage". There wasn’t much imagery that can describe Steve Randler completely. Ponyboy
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