The Outsiders By Susan Eloise Hinton

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Reading a variety of novels throughout my educational career has been an essential portion of my life furthermore; I believe the Irvine Unified School District should teach the novel “The Outsiders” by Susan Eloise Hinton. This novel has many themes and morals that fit perfectly with it, but the main one is to show how our society segregates people based on their looks and appearance. I believe this novel is suitable for young adults between the ages of twelve and sixteen because this novel gives them an insight to the contemporary segregation issues that they face in life. During this age group many kids get judged based on their looks and style. I would teach the themes and ideas to the kids in a way that they would be able to understand and relate. The novel “The Outsiders” should be taught at the Irvine Unified School Distract because the novel’s main theme teaches the students how society segregates people based on looks.
The novel “The Outsiders” is a novel about two different social groups of teenagers who are rivals. Although the novel revolves around this topic, the author manages to suggest, that the differences in social class do not automaticly make the two groups natural enemies. The two different social groups are the greasers and Socs. The two main groups believe they are different, but at the end of the novel they notice they share some interests. The two groups notice this when a minor character named Cherry Valance, a Soc, and the main character…

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