The Outsiders Debate Essay

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In the book The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, the Socs are the ones to blame for all of the problems. After all they are the cause of the rumble. The Socs are no good drunk 24/7 idiots who need to turn their ego down, and intelligence up. They screw up MANY times in the book. Yah yah, greasers are not perfect, but at least they have some common sense. And I’ll tell you why the greasers are innocent and the Socs are not.

First of all, Johnny was justified in killing Bob. It was in self-defense, the Socs beat up Johnny before traumatizing him, and the only reason why Johnny had his switchblade was because of the same Socs who tried to kill Ponyboy. “The Socs caught my arm and twisted it behind my back, and shoved my face into the
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Do you think that the Socs are the reason that Johnny is dead? Yes.

Third of all, the Socs were the reason Johnny is dead. Because they drove Johnny and Ponyboy away, by forcing Johnny to kill Bob. “Five Socs were coming straight at us, and from the way they were staggering I figured they were reeling pickled. That scared me. A cool deadly bluff could some times shake them off, but not when they outnumber you 5 to 2 and were drunk. Johnny’s hand went in his back pocket and I remembered his switchblade.” (Pg 62// The Outsiders/ Hinton). This quote shows that if the Socs did not outnumber Johnny and Ponyboy, or even not go to the greaser’s territory, then Johnny never would have stabbed Bob. They never would have gone to Windrixeville. They never would have saved those children, therefore Johnny never dying. Do you think that the Socs are the reason for the rumble? Yes.

Fourth, the Socs were responsible for the rumble. The greasers were tired of the Socs fighting for no reason. The greasers just wanted to put an end to the trouble, once and for all. “ Darry turned to see who it was and Paul swung hard right to his jaw.”(Pg 143/ The Outsiders/ Hinton). This quote shows that the Socs swung first therefore they started the rumble, not he greasers. “ ‘We gotta win that fight tonight,’ Dally said. His voice was hard. ‘ We gotta get even with the Socs. For Johnny.’”(Pg 107/ The Outsiders/ Hinton). This quote shows

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