The Outsiders Should Not Be Banned

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The Outsiders English teachers in middle schools and high schools have been through many debates over the years on whether or not a certain book should be taught to students in United States public schooling systems. The Outsiders, is a book that should not be on the list of banned books. Believe it or not the book has been banned from schools and libraries. The Outsiders should not be banned because it provides valuable life lessons involving loyalty. Books like this one, that involve gang members, fighting, shooting, stabbing and other gory incidents, should be portrayed to kids in middle school and beyond. This generation that people are growing up in nowadays is a weak, soft generation who need to realize that the world is not always going to be kind to them. The neighborhoods that a lot of kids live in are safe environments, which is not a bad thing, but they are unaware of the horrible things that go on in the ghettos or other places in our nation. Books are a great way to reach out to kids and show them valuable life lessons while also giving them learning experiences through that English class they are enrolled in. The author of this novel, The Outsiders, Susan Eloise Hinton, is a very popular author of young adult fiction stories and she is especially popular in the Oklahoma area because she makes the setting in a lot of her books from that area. She wrote the books That Was Then, This Is Now, Rumble Fish, Tex, and Taming The Star Runner. The Outsiders was

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