The Outsourcing of Logistical Activities: the Case of Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited

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THE OUTSOURCING OF LOGISTICAL ACTIVITIES: THE CASE OF GUINNESS GHANA BREWERIES LIMITED BY: CEPHAS THYWILL KOMLA DZOGBEWU SUPERVISOR: EVA WITTBOM MASTER’S THESIS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, MBA PROGRAMME MAY 2010 ABSTRACT The study has revealed that Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited has been outsourcing it logistics activities more than four years. The rationale behind the outsourcing activities is to cut down cost and enjoy first class service from specialist using the most suitable, quick and reliable technology. The company has actually increased its revenue margin consistently for the past four years and has enjoyed other benefits like: timely delivery and overall quality improvement. Its logistics service providers have also…show more content…
ogistics Activities 16-17 2.9 Managing Service Provider (3PL) Relationship 17-18 CHAPTER THREE METHODOLOGY 19-27 3.1 Introduction 19 3.2 Limitation of the study 19 3.3 The background of the case study organization and its relevant 19-20 3.4 Data Collection 20 3.4.1 Primary Data 20-21 3.4.2 Secondary Data 21 3.5 Study Population 21-22 3.6 Sampling Technique 22 3.7 Sampling Method 23-24 3.8 Data Analysis 24-25 CHAPTER FOUR RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS 28-39 4.1 Introduction 28 4.2 Results and Discussions of Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited 28 4.2.1 Number of years working with GGBL 29-31 4.2.2 Type of logistics service rendered to GGBL by its 3PL companies 31-32 4.2.3 Type of relationship between GGBL and its 3PL companies 32-34 4.2.4 Rating the quality of service rendered to GGBL by its 3PL providers 34-36 4.3 Results and Discussion of 3PL providers of GGBL 36 4.3.1 Outsourcing of logistics activities for GGBL 37 4.3.2 The rationales behind the 3PL companies service providing 38-39 CHAPTER FIVE CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 40-42 5.1 Introduction 40 5.2 Summary 40 5.3 Conclusions 40 5.3.1 Benefits of Outsourcing 40-41 5.3.2 Challenges associated with providing logistics service 41 5.3.3 The rationales behind outsourcing logistics service 41 5.4

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