The Over / Under Line On Gambling

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College Football is one of the most gambled on sports throughout the United States each and every year. Many individuals believe that they can make large amounts of money on the knowledge they have of the sport. Many people will bet the game in all different capacities such as the “line” on the game, which is the amount one team or the other is projected to win by and others will bet something known as the over/under. The over/under will be the main focus of this study, which is, the amount of points that the two teams together will score in the game. This data set will be collected through totals provided by a well-known Las Vegas casino website known as 5 dimes. This survey project will discuss the statistical significance of the over/under line on gambling in college football. The over/under line is the number of points each of the two teams will score within any given football game. For instance, if two teams were to play and the over/under was set at 65.5 points and the two teams combined for 63 points it would be said that the point total was “under” the given line and anyone whom had bet under would have won their bet. Likewise, if the teams would’ve combined for 70 points the people whom had bet under would’ve lost. The total differential from the line is not important when it comes down to if the bet has been won or lost. This project will see if there is enough statistical deviation from the average number set for the over/under from the actual points

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