The Overall Business For The U.s. Army

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The overall business for the U.S. army is simply to fight and win the nations wars by using a full range of operational tactics. One domain which the Army relies upon is cyber. Without the ability to communicate across boarder and into dark areas of the world, the U.S. armed forces, to include the U.S. Army would be hard pressed when devising plans to win. However, to remain the superpower the world looks to during times of strife, organizations such as the Army must define the technological edge, and ensure the organization keeps upholds that standard. To fulfill the requirements associated with defining the edge, decision makers must remain aware of change. Unfortunately change happens, and requires a reevaluation to ensure the organization has not, or will not become stagnant. If events were to occur, the organization would no longer be able to define what it is to be on the edge of technology. Moreover, the organization could also easily find itself in a situation where it is hard pressed to devise the plans required to win. Fortunately, the U.S. Army, in conjunction with the Department of Defense, have devised plans to ensure the United States’ leadership role is unchallenged. When implemented the Joint Information Environment will be able to support combatant commanders, with the ability access relevant information quickly, through a shared infrastructure which host integrated application systems (Joint Chief of Staff, 2013). The ability to share data across
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