The Overall Concept Of Public Relations

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The purpose of this paper is to identify and discuss various image problems or publicity needs within a company through their specific Public Relations Campaigns. Through the study and research of this topic, deeper understanding of the overall concept of Public Relations will hopefully be attained. A corporate identity or image is the comprehensive image of a corporation, business or firm from the view of the public, including customers, employees and investors. It is essential that good corporate image is achieved within a corporation, so that the public may view the corporation as positive or beneficial. Therefore, if the image of a corporation is affected negatively or perceived by the public to be bad, it can damage not only the corporation’s reputation and credibility, but also its appeal to the public. Publicity is the distribution of information with the goal of increasing awareness among the public on a specific concept or entity. This entity may range from a person to an organization; it can be an object or an idea; it could be anything thinkable. As long as there is a concept or entity, it can be publicized. The main point of publicity is to have the public gain awareness on something. In the business world, publicity is usually used to create awareness and understanding of a corporation, therefore increasing popularity and overall image. There is a famous saying, “There is no such thing as bad publicity.” This sentence is true of publicity in the
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