The Overall Effects of Staying Up Late on University Students

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Eng 105 Research Topic- The Overall Effects of Staying Up Late On University Students Submitted by: Farhan Rashid Ahmed Ansari ID- 0910711030 SEC-2 Date of Submission- 20.12.2011 Acknowledgement The reason for choosing this particular topic was because of my parents, especially my mother who has taken care of me for all these years. My mother has always ensured that I have proper sleep. Hence, I ended up writing a research paper regarding sleep. I would also like to thank all my respondents for filling up my questionnaire with patience. Abstract The topic for this particular research paper is “The Overall Effects Of Staying Up Late On University Students”. The reason behind choosing this specific topic is due to the fact that a…show more content…
The definition of sleep is defined by Wikipedia as “a naturally recurring state characterized by reduced or absent consciousness, relatively suspended sensory activity and inactivity of nearly all voluntary muscles”. This particular definition may be difficult to understand for those who are not involved in the medical field due to the technical jargons which have been used. In other words sleep means to rest with your eyes closed and your mind and body not active. As it is mentioned sleep is a type of rest but it is by no means an ordinary one. Sleep is the pinnacle of all rests, which is why it is that important for any living creature, especially for children, teenagers and even university students. Hence the topic of this specific paper is “The Overall Effects Of Staying Up Late On University Students”. We may not give sleep the equal importance as money, yet it is hard to imagine our lives without sleep. After a newborn baby is born the infant sleeps most of the time because it is important for the health of the baby. Sleeps does not only play a crucial part on a baby’s health. But sleep plays a crucial role on teenagers and adults as well. University students, particularly the ones who are pursuing their undergraduate degree fall in the category of young adults. There is a common trend of staying up late at night, which is evident among university students. It may seem that
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