‘The Overall Fear Of Crime Has Increased Over The Last

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‘The overall fear of crime has increased over the last two decades due to populist(democratic) , and not evidence based, attempts to reduce crime.’ Critically discuss this statement.
The fear of crime has established a surprising amount of attraction in the past two decades. Fear of crime is an emotional reaction and it is not based on reality. People who are very fearful are less likely at risk. Panic and fear of crime mainly comes through media. The government and its politics plays a huge part in the overall fear of crime. Even though their attempts are to reduce crime, or as politicians uses the term “what the public wants” in their speech for their own motives and to gain trust from the citizens. However, in order to do what the
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In relation to the offender, ‘Nothing works’ (Martinson, 1974), became the dominant orthodoxy within criminology. All governments have to address the issue of law and order. However, for Conservative party ‘law and order’ became a slogan. But their economic failures effected the raising crime rates through unemployment (Field, 1990; Sampson and Laub, 1993). Ron Clarke 1980, offered in approach to crime prevention which did not entail ‘softness’ towards offenders and removed responsibility for failure to control crime from the police force. 1990s New labour time the nature of debate was how to bring more toughness in law. End of labour government, people was in fear. 1997- 2010 ‘Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime’. Reassuring policing- that crime is been looked after. They wanted to show that by catching more criminals, people should not think crime rates are going high. Supported police (pay up by 40%). 2010… the conservative (coalition governments): ‘zero tolerance’ policing. Turned police officers into ‘social workers’ rather than ‘crime fighters’. Major cuts on police budget. However, this is all about Penal populism- an appeal to ‘the people’. A policy to win votes rather than reduce crime. Pragmatist- quick solution- politicians believes that if there is problem occurring then quick solution is the best way to solve it rather than
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