The Overall Idea Of Sustainable Development Essay

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The overall idea of sustainable development can be described in a lot of different ways. One simple definition could be that sustainable development is the development that considers the needs of the today, without compromising the needs of tomorrow by limiting the capabilities of future generations (Robert, Parris and Leiserowitz, 2005). This approach talks about two key concepts:
1. The concept of needs: This concept particularly talks about the crucial needs of the world’s poor and solving world poverty should be the first on priority list
2. The concept of limitations: Talks about the environment 's ability to meet the present and future needs. Social organisations and state technologies are considerable factors in this case.
Most of the time, the development is determined by a single specific need. Sustainable development doesn’t fully consider the larger or future impacts (Robert, Parris and Leiserowitz, 2005). But it’s not a secret that this kind of development approach is causing serious damage to our environment. From huge economic crises caused by reckless banking, to radical changes in our global temperature resulting from the constant use of fossil fuel. In this paper, we will talk about the Greening Development (Enhancing capacity for environmental management) policy of OECD and its implementation in the United States.
Greening development is a policy undertaken by the organisation for economic co-operation
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