The Overall Impact Of Walmart 's Business Practices On Its Organization, Employees, And Consumers

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Subject: The overall impact of Walmart’s Business Practices on its Organization, employees, and consumers. Abstract The purpose of this research paper is to identify organizational behavior issues within the Walmart Corporation. The original company visionary and founder Sam Walton passed away on April 5, 1992. Since his passing, Walmart has changed leadership. How has this change affected the leadership, ethics, and culture of Walmart? This research paper will examine these areas. Introduction A company’s ethics stems from its values. A companies values come from the visionary of the company. Sam Walton was the visionary and founder of the Walmart Corporation. Walton’s vision was based upon bettering people’s lives and serving the good…show more content…
Reminding the entire company of what the firm’s values are is how this can be achieved. Values are important in how they look in the workplace. The only reason employees read the handbook is to find out how much vacation time they will get. Major Issues in question Walton was a tremendous learner when it came to trends and techniques. Walton embraced new technologies leading associates in accepting his visions for a universal Walmart environment (Horrman, 1999). Sam Walton died on April 5, 1992, but was active in the business until just a few months before his death. On March 17, 1992, President George Bush called Walton "an American original who embodied the entrepreneurial spirit and epitomized the American dream." Rob Walton replaced his father as chairman of the company, and Wal-Mart carried on without its original visionary leader (Chain Store Age, 1999). Sam Walton’s simple value formula was to have everyday low prices for the American working class. Walton’s formula exhibited the most basic traits of successful leadership: A clear, easy to understand vision; constant communication of the vision and consistent adherence to it. It was not until Walton’s death at age 74 that management of the company began to shift away from this formula of success. Sam Walton’s original visions was to make Walmart your local neighborhood store where you could find whatever you needed for your home. Today Walmart is
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