The Overcrowding Problem in Prisons

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This comprises both the people who have already been sentenced and those that are at the pre-trial stage. The effect of this is an increase in the prison population which leads to the problem of overcrowding (Atabay, 2013). Overcrowding in prisons can be defined as a situation where the number of prisoners in a given penal institution exceeds the official carrying capacity of that institution. However, the official capacity differs from one country to another and is also affected by the policies of the institutions. Additionally, there are several other factors that lead to overcrowding whose effects necessitate a consideration by the penal reforms body (Viggiani, 2007). An increase in imprisonment rates as well as changes in crime trends contributes to overcrowding. However, these factors are also intertwined with other interrelated ones. For instance, for the imprisonment rate to increase, it does not necessarily mean that more people are engaging in crime. A country could have changed its policies thus making illegal some actions that were previously legal. Therefore, people who will fail to update themselves with the new policies end up in prisons. Additionally, crime trends are changing implying that more people are engaging in crimes that result to imprisonment thus causing overcrowding in prisons (Atabay, 2013). Political factors and…
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