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According to Mark Early, president of the Prison Fellowship International, the Bureau of Justice Statistics report shows that there are 19 states that have prisons operating at 100 percent capacity and another 20 are falling right behind them. There is no wonder why the overcrowding of prisons is being discussed everywhere. Not to mention how serious this predicament is and how serious it can get. Many of the United States citizens don’t understand why this is such a serious matter due to the fact that some of them believe it’s not their problem. Therefore they just don’t care about it. Also, some Americans may say that they don’t care about what could happen to the inmates due to repercussions of overcrowding, because it’s their own …show more content…
That was two years ago and the prison population have continued to grow since then, so can you imagine what it is now? Now, think of what the prisoners have to go through. Andrea Caumont shared some of the problems prisoners are having, because of prison overcrowding. She says that in California the United States Supreme Court told the state to reduce its prison population, because overcrowded conditions are amounting to cruel and unusual punishment. Can you imagine what must be happening for the Supreme Court to rule it as cruel and unusual punishment? Not only are they being punished cruelly, the prisoners are also losing their opportunities to participate in the prisons self-improvement programs and the vocational training, because there is less of everything to go around. Therefore all resources, even food, are being stretched to the max. (John Howard goes into more detail on this issue in his paper The Effects of Prison Overcrowding on the P.A.T.R.I.C.K Crusade website.) The prisoners are not the only ones being affected by this problem, this problem is affecting everyone.

The overcrowding of prisons can date back to the 1850’s, when they imprisoned debtors, delinquent juveniles, minor misdemeanants and felons all together with no separation. The King Edwards Public School students created their own website

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