The Overfishing Of Our Oceans

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The ocean makes up nearly three-quarters of the planet 's surface and contains about eighty percent of the life on earth. Millions of people all over the world depend on seafood heavily as a primary source of food. Americans alone consumed as much as 15.8 pounds of seafood per person in 2009 (NOAA). This is a lot of fish. In fact, it is so much that many populations of fish are going extinct. At this particular rate according to National Geographic, scientist predict that the earth is expected to lose all of its current fisheries by the year 2048 (Roach). The overfishing of our oceans leads to unmanageable practices that will eventually cause many species of fish to become extinct.
According to National Geographic, overfishing dates back to the 1800s when humans killed off massive amounts of whale population to retrieve blubber for lamp oil (Roach). Similarly, Atlantic cod, herring, and California 's sardines, were also fished to the brink of extinction by the mid-1900s. Theses cases were extremely harmful to the ecosystems food chain. To counter these losses, the United States passed the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (NOAA). This law made it illegal for foreign countries to fish within 200 nautical miles of the United States shoreline. This would make it easier to manage illegal fishing. Congress also established eight regional councils with representation from the coastal states and fishery stakeholders. Their jobs were to come up

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