The Overpopulation Of Humans And Animals

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There are many articles and newspapers about how bad the world is becoming overpopulated. The overpopulation of humans and animals is a constant threat to people way of life on earth. Monbiot states, “The growth in human numbers, they say, is our foremost environmental threat” (Monbiot 1). Suggestions for extending women’s reproductive choices should be made, and the world population would drop dramatically because of this. George states, “If this need were answered, the impact of population growth would be significant, though not decisive: the annual growth rate of 83 million would be reduced to 62 million” (Monbiot 1). Because the population of the world is increasing drastically, many problems are created and produces many effects. Many people believe that China should do away with the “Population Bomb.” The population bomb is referred to China having a rule where the country said citizens could have only one child. While many leaders talk about why China should stop with this rule, they do tell why it should stop and the effects from it. China congressman believe that the world would be overpopulated and that there would not be enough food to feed everyone. Globally, the Earth is constantly building a population of 80 million people to the world each year. The world’s population is now currently around 7.3 people billion people and is constantly increasing each year. “According to the U.N. Population Division, there will be somewhere between 9 billion and 13 billion
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