The Overpopulation Of The Human Race

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The overpopulation of the human race is killing the earth due to the consumption of natural resources and not taking care of our planet. The human race as of the twenty-first century is similar to a parasite. Humans consume everything we can and do not help those resources grow back. The human race is also driving animals out of their habitats, taking over those habitats and in that process putting more animals on the endangered species index. The human population needs to be reduced in order to try to save earth or so the next planet humans move to does not end up like earth. When addressing solutions for the human race, you can be moral which the decision or be cruel and only worry about the future. One solution that could help the world is China 's one child policy. The one child policy was enforced in 1980 because there were about thirty million more men than women were. This world today does not have the issue that china had, however we are overpopulated and this policy could be a helpful way to restore the earth. First, the one child policy will be a major civil rights issue. This should be an exception, I myself would not have an issue with this because it will help save the planet and possible save the human race from extinction even. Second, would be enforcing the policy worldwide. In order to do this the governments would have to monitor areas, this is again is a civil rights issue. Third, keeping the populations gender balanced. Would a family in an area be
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