The Overpopulation Of The World 's Population

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Many people believe that today the world 's population is already too large for everyone to live comfortably. Let us brainstorm for a while. According to the UN, we are living in the era of the most intense growth of urbanization. Right now, when the level of urbanization is quite high, the remains of the rural population of the planet dramatically swept into the city. Everyone knows that the urban life style helps to reduce the birth rate to a subthreshold level. This means that neither sharp jump nor sharp plummet is expected. If one opens the demographic map, one will see that Asia accounts for half the world 's population! The largest in terms of population countries are India and China, which together have 3 billion people. Despite many people believe the overpopulation to be an issue, this problem is considered to be fake just as well as global worming which is claimed to be a natural process. Konstantin Marsov claims "The current Voloshyn 3 population of the Earth is only a 5% of the territory. And if we do not take into account not suitable for human habitation natural areas - deserts, jungles and taiga, is still a lot of space." According to some projections, the growth of the world 's population will stop somewhere in the second half of the XXI century. But by that moment it can reach 10 billion. In one of the most crowded countries in the world, in China, the population density is 139.5 persons per square kilometer which one may consider high, but
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