The Overuse of Smartphones in Today's Society

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The pace of technological advancement is speeding up. For example, when cell phones were first available to people the most they were able to do was make calls and text. Now with these advances in technology cell phones have evolved into smartphones with different functions. However with every step forward in technology, society takes a step back to learn how to adapt. Currently, people should be getting used to the most recent evolution of smartphones, however they’re too distracted texting, tweeting, and instagramming pictures of pointless things. Although uses of smartphones might seem harmless, theres a problem. People’s overuse of smartphones make society feel okay with behavior that is harmful to health, relationships, and the feeling of being public. Which is why there should be more people educated with smartphone etiquette. The Encyclopedia Britannica describes an archetypal smartphone by its key features a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), incorporated “personal management programs” like contact books and calendar, and an operating system that allows for the installation of third party application or “apps”. The Britannica notes essentially smartphones can be “thought of as a handheld computer integrated with a computer.” The company IBM is credited with designing the first smartphone and it was sold by BellSouth in 1993 (Enc.Brit.). The article “How the Cellphone Got ‘Smart’ ” gives further insight on the first primitive version of the smartphone which was named
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