The Overwhelming Cost of College

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The overwhelming cost of college has caused high school students debating whether to continue pursuing a higher education. Many of these high school students have decided that the price of the accumulated debt is not worth the investment, and end up choosing a full-time employment without a college degree. It is, however, important to invest on knowledge because it edifies and sets a base for the future. To fully comprehend how important it is to invest on higher education, one must be aware of the value and the rates of return for each individual.
College for an incoming freshman is exciting, however, it is often focused on the social aspect such as the connections that can be attained through Greek life, parties and independence. Due
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Education is the preparation of a human mind. We are skilled with making decisions when given resourceful information. College provides this resourceful information through academics. Without an education it is as if we walk life blindly looking out from one specific window, yet colleges can open doors and windows to the outside world. It is the educated that perceive the world differently and have the opportunity to make an impact. So and so says… “The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.”(cite) Enriching ones mind with knowledge opens a network of skills. Confidence is an important factor that is well reached for most college students; many of them have a sense of how to deal with the public. “A report published by the Carnegie Foundation, non-monetary individual benefits of higher education include the tendency for postsecondary students to become more open-minded, more cultured, more rational, more consistent and less authoritarian; these benefits are also passed along to succeeding generations.”(cite)
Attending college with a set mind of success is not only beneficial for the individual who has attained a degree, but to the family and the generations to come. A child’s hero usually tends to be a parent. What greater influence would a parent who has obtained a higher education and has lived acquired the social skills, academic skills and the independence of college be to his children? Further, education is now more
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