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A scream passing through an open window at the edge of town rattles the settled sounds of a night tucked in, the filtering whispers of leaves outside in the breeze interrupted, yielding to the call of a helpless exater protected by sound walls; only the nearby creek persists. Call of crickets resign under full moon, and hill-riding wind halts for a moment following the cry. Slowly, the leaves begin to whisper again, though slightly muffled, offset by the impression of a scream when it was the last thing on the night’s mind. Like his twisted feathers, his many scars, the reliable old owl chose the gnarled, weather-beaten, but solid branch often—it being a companion to the wise alone with the night and the last branch to creak in the…show more content…
The owl heard the scream, and his branch creaked with all the others as the scream seeped into the tree’s blood, flowing slowly through the wood. The tree winced, and the old owl turned his head towards the call. He bobbed his way awkwardly down the branch, away from the run cold blood inside; a sloppily precise side-step with head pressed to breast feathers, moving closer to the tree where the branch was thicker, and the scream would not freeze his talons. He looked at the ground, trying to muffle the quiet which had migrated to his head once the whispers tiptoed back into the night. It was the quiet what made the owl wince. The branch winced under the weight of the scream. When he was young, without need of a sturdy, familiar perch, the owl struck the ground violently while hunting a rabbit. The rabbit, cunning, heard the rustle of feathers overhead but managed only to avoid one claw in the owl’s trained strike. The other pushed through her shoulder into the bone, just short her tested heart. The rabbit squealed sharp—she should have known the night—and then fell silent when the owl recovered his senses and engaged his second claw. Before sleep, the rabbit made one sound, a heavy grinding sigh the owl did not hear. Thus is the way with noble creatures. The owl remembered the squeal the rabbit made with his talons embedded in her breast, and he remembered the sound he had made

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