The Owner Of Essence Yoga

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I choose to interview the owner of Essence Yoga, Deb Manera Cunha. I have known Deb for a couple of years but knew very little about the successful yoga studio she owns. I sat down with Deb on July 21st and was truly inspired about by her story and business sense. The Venture. Essence Yoga is a studio offering Yoga and meditation 7 days a week. They are a community based studio located in Cranston’s Pawtuxet Village. They offer safe instruction to men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes. Part of their mission is encouraging clients to find a healthy lifestyle and allow the practice of yoga help balance out the day to day grind. Deb worked in the Yoga field for 5 years before deciding to go into business on her own. Yoga was more of a part time job for her as her children were very young, but after her Dad’s passing in 2011, she took a short break from working to refocus on her family. During that break she began debating going out on her own, opening her own yoga studio, instead of returning to work for someone else. Deb was really close to her dad and took his suggestions to heart. Her dad had a saying he always followed in his life, “take risks in life, live without regret, go all in”. Deb decided that was exactly what she was going to do and Essence Yoga opened its doors in February of 2012. Four years later, Deb now has seven employees working for her. Struggles and Challenges. During the early survival period, Deb was teaching classes seven days a week
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