The Owner Of The Restaurant

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Before leaving home for Rutgers, I was a fry cook at a burger restaurant. The usual pace was slightly overwhelming and all my co-workers had 2+ years of experience with the company. One night, about two months after I started working there, it was so incredibly busy that the line of customers measured out the door. As I frantically tossed food into hot grease, I fumbled with a box of jalapeño poppers and dropped all of them on the floor. The cashiers, general manager and head cook all rolled their eyes at me and shuffled past the mess. As I started to pick them up to throw them away, I noticed someone else’s hand helping. I looked up inquisitively and found Ralph Flannery’s eyes, the owner of the restaurant, who owned a handful of the same restaurant chain in several other locations. After we cleaned up, he asked me to go to his office when things calmed down. I went to his office expecting to turn in my name tag. Ralph looked calm and cheery, which put me at a wearisome ease. He started by explaining how cheap and worthless a box of jalapeño poppers were to him. Then Ralph transitioned to how expensive but valuable his employees were and finished by personalizing it with how important I am to him and his company’s success. I was left speechless because this was a new experience to me. I sat there curious about what he had to say next. He said to me, “Jacob, what if I invest in you? Would you invest in me? How about I give you a fifty-cent raise right now… I
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