The Ownership Of A Liquor Business

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Statement of purpose
We would like to take over the ownership of a liquor business named By-Pass Liquor store located at 3118 South School Avenue, Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701. This is a turnkey business with good costumer flow and in a prime location of Southern Fayetteville. The business property is in market for a listing price of $335,000 for real-estate, furniture equipment, building and including inventory about $30,000. In order to transfer the ownership of this business to us we are seeking funding from the First state bank, and it will be utilized to buy the real-estate, all the equipment and inventory. We also have cash amount about $135,000 that also can be used to operate and improve the business. Repayment of the loan and interest can begin promptly as the bank 's policy. We have already seen all the paperwork and monitored this business, and from our observation and experience we are pretty sure that this business can repay the mortgage and give us $5000.00 of net profit monthly.

This sale of the goods of this business is consistent, and has been serving the costumers for a long time since 1978. Because of our long experience in Liquor store and Convenience store, it is easy for us to operate and keep the record of the stock, inventory and accounting. We work hard and we also have very good customer service experience with great work ethics. We are very sincere at work and maintained credit very well. We wanted to work for ourselves and moreover, we have…
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