The Ownership Of Usa Today

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1- Ownership USA Today was founded in 1982 and is a newspaper that brings in the ideas of a modern day world. The newspaper also brings in new ideas and facts about how the world is evolving from writing, to technology or other things that show evolution is the human mind and way of processing things. The company is owned by Gannett Company. Gannett has many other smaller companies under it’s belt and has a revenue of over five billion dollars. Including USA Today, Gannett Company owns 41 smaller companies that help build up their revenue. Basically, USA Today is a company owned by another company bigger than them. Gannett owning USA Today can affect the material the news source gives out because of how the other smaller companies inside Gannett are set up. In the different areas that receive the broadcasting are most likely analyzed for what they have a tendency to like and dislike. Such as in Ohio, we have more particularity currently towards Congress decisions and what makes up the government in the United States of America that the founders had worked so hard to achieve in the first place. Gannett 's overall purpose as a company is to “be a next-generation media company that empowers communities to connect, act and thrive.” Gannett is trying to connect communities as a whole to reach a common goal. What is that goal though? Is it to empower communities together as one, or is it to get them to be more biased on one way of viewing things over another? Different divisions
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