The Ownership Society : How Many Americans Have Money

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Introduction The Ownership Society: How many Americans have money in stocks? Accumulating wealth is an important challenge for every adult. There are many sound reasons why individuals should take this task seriously. Financial independence is the best way to face an uncertain future with tranquility and optimism. Everyone can be affected by unforeseen expenses like medical emergencies or the unexpected loss of a job. Besides all this, people want to enjoy the beauty of life during retirement without having to worry about how to cover daily expenses. In order to do so, there are numerous ways to success. Among these, the stock market is an interesting investment alternative to save money and accumulate wealth. According to Bankrate’s Money Pulse Survey 48% of American adults have money in the stocks. Other respondents also expressed the desire to invest in the stock market, but think that they do not have the financial means to do so (CNN Money, 2015). This suggests that a large proportion of American have the desire to earn a return from stock market investments. Nevertheless, this desire is accompanied by limited financial knowledge. Although, the American people gained confidence in the stock market again since the great meltdown of 2008 and invested heavily in the years after, they did not invest in financial education. In 2015, the FINRA Foundation surveyed more than 25,000 US citizens and came to the conclusion that nearly two thirds of Americans are not able to
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