The Ozark Actors Theatre And Their Mission

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APPLICATION OF THEORIES When looking at the Ozark Actors Theatre and their mission, in general, they relate to the supply-side theory as to why they exist. The supply side theory “attributes the existence of nonprofit organizations to the vision and initiative of individuals who have created and built them” (Worth, pg. 50). Additionally, the organization also exists as a common good, “one that cannot be consumed alone by an individual nor are they an interest or benefit to all people” (Worth, pg. 52). This is true as OAT provides community theatre in a rural area, but it is not a service that is of interest to the entire community. On the contrary, Missouri Nurses Association acts as a gap filler to provide their members goods and…show more content…
All other associates are volunteer based whether they reside on the board or not. Members of the board are actively involved in programs and shows associated with OAT. In terms of their marketing level, OAT is in Stage four of their life cycle. They have an active website, Facebook page and recently added a Twitter and Instagram account. They often send out email blasts, place ads in the paper about upcoming events, submit press releases to larger area newspapers and send out rack cards on all large shows. Missouri Nurses Association is firmly in stage four or Produce and Sustain. Jill Klienthermes is a well-rounded individual and is the CEO of MONA. The organization is at its peak with four full-time paid staff and one full-time lobbyist. MONA offers well-designed annual events for its members and offers education and advocacy through its programs. In addition, they have a well-defined strategic plan and sophisticated marketing materials that include the publication The Missouri Nurse that is published two to three times a year. Their fundraising is stable and their yearly conferences and membership fees provide a steady source of income. BOARD GOVERNANCE The board governance of the Missouri Nurses Association is one of an elected board. A nomination committee seeks qualified names and who are willing to serve and prepare the ballot of at least two nominees for each position needing filled. Terms are for two years or until
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