The Ozark Actors Theatre And Their Mission

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When looking at the Ozark Actors Theatre and their mission, in general, they relate to the supply-side theory as to why they exist. The supply side theory “attributes the existence of nonprofit organizations to the vision and initiative of individuals who have created and built them” (Worth, pg. 50). Additionally, the organization also exists as a common good, “one that cannot be consumed alone by an individual nor are they an interest or benefit to all people” (Worth, pg. 52). This is true as OAT provides community theatre in a rural area, but it is not a service that is of interest to the entire community.
On the contrary, Missouri Nurses Association acts as a gap filler to provide their members goods and services that the government and the market are unable to provide. MONA is also similar to OAT with its ability to provide a common good. There is a need for an advocacy and educational group for Missouri Nurses, but it is a service that does not pertain to those who have nothing to do with nursing or health services.
The Ozark Actors Theatre currently resides in the life stage of Ground and Grow or stage three of the organizational life cycles, but does have some attributes of stage four, as the organization is twenty-five years old. OAT has a strong mission, but the difficulty is finding community members who want to support the fine arts in a rural area. Currently the only paid employee of the organization is the Producing Managing…
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