The P-51 Mustang

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Taking the War to New Heights Imagine flying in an airplane you were only taught to fly one hour ago (WWII Aircraft Facts)! Well, WWII pilots had to go through this stress. However, WWII had probably the best warplanes of its time, and was the first war to use planes in that way. Unfortunately, other countries also made them, making the war even harder, from the British Spitfire to the American P-51, WWII put all airplane rules behind them (WWII Aircraft Facts). First off, the P-51 Mustang is one of America’s most well known and most famous warplanes (world war 2 planes-the advent of modern aviation-world war 2 planes), and is basically America’s SpitFire. Reasons for this are that the P-51 turned just about as well as the SpitFire itself
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