The P & L Of The Month

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Denny ,

After reviewing the P&L of the month of December &2015 we had some issues in the fallowing categories , see attached excel sheet

Bad Debit

1-During the month of December we had a charge back on a customer check for $475 , the check was accepted after the system glitches and the authorization wasn 't printed on the back of the check , a simple fix is to always make sure to run the check through the machine and obtain a printed authorization on the back .

2- during the year review we discovered $300 in counterfeit bills that we were charged back for , this is an easy fix as well as Counterfeit Detector Pens should be used all the time on every single large bill before accepting it .

3- During the first month after grand opening we lost $181 in deposit discrepancies $175 of the noted discrepancy was due to issuing POG card without an the proper offset in the POS to offset the cost , this issue was addressed the fallowing month as we became aware of the issue and prepared the gift cards at the beginning of each month and offset the cost in the POS to be coded under sales promotion .

Home delivery

During the year review for our costs under this category we discoed a $2926 that were spent on home delivery , below is our biggest misses

1-IST transfer due to customer service issues

A largo portion of the dollars spent udder this category was utilized to ship product to our store from another location or due to an error when our store ended up paying
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