The PEACE Domestic Violence Agency

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There are also expectations from stakeholders that most definitely must be entertained by all participants and staff that are involved with the program. Typically all human service programs depend on a source or sources of funding to provide services to countless individuals within a community. So many variables are present and necessary to ensure that the program will be able to function correctly and efficiently. The stakeholders are a major contributor as well as a part on how the program will proceed. Stakeholders are not just groups; they can be a person, staff member, group, community or an organization that has impact on the operations of an agency or a human resources program. During an evaluation process they can be involved to examine the data collected. Then this can in turn assist the stakeholder to come up with ideas, this would then influence board members as to how the agency or the program should change to ensure that it will reach its objectives and goals as well as to follow its mission. Stakeholders can have a negative or positive impact on the program, in which it can affect economics, funding and accounting as well as other business related decisions such as staff, community, volunteers, administration, and also the target population related decisions. Primarily the administration department will oversee the…
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