Essay on The PPACA: Obesity and Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs

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Current statistics indicate that in the United States 4 out of 10 girls will become pregnant at least once before the age of 20 (Harris & Allgood, 2009, p.1314). This population of mothers is more likely to dropout then other adolescents in their age group (Harris & Allgood, 2009, p.1314). In fact, more than 60% of teens who give birth before the age of 18 will drop out of high school, putting them at a greater risk of being impoverished later in life (Harris & Allgood, 2009, p.1314). Additionally, the children of adolescent mothers are more likely to have complicated deliveries that can lead to chronic medical and developmental problems (Harris & Allgood, 2009, p.1315). With higher rates of poverty as well as increased pregnancy…show more content…
Finally, states may use these funds to inform the public of the services available to pregnant teens under the creation of the PAF (Boonstra, 2010, p.12).
For individuals without adequate or any health insurance, accessing timely care is complicated (Sultz & Young, 2014, p.298). Additionally, this lack or coverage may lead many to seek care in emergency centers as increased rates than in other ambulatory settings (Sultz & Young, 2014, p.298). These increased costs are passed on to the insured in higher premiums (Sultz & Young, 2014, p.298). For the 40% of teen mothers in the U.S, they place this burden on society. Many teen mothers deal with decreased economic outcomes due to poor educational success (Patel & Sen, 2012, p.1063). The impact of teenage parenting on government expenditures totaled $11.3 billion in aid (Patel & Sen, 2012, p.1063). Today, expenditures of Medicare and Medicaid programs, constitute 40% of all healthcare spending (Sultz & Young, 2014, p.313). This program, aims to provide opportunities for more opportunities for teen mothers and expectant mothers to access these medical assistance programs (Boonstra, 2010, p.11). While this may cause an increase in healthcare spending for Medicaid programs, in the long run it will contribute to decreased utilization of high cost emergency center care, which drives up health insurance costs for others. The Pregnancy Assistance Fund also creates a variety of potential savings opportunities by addressing the

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