The Pacific Bluefin Tuna Is An Valuable Valued Specie

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Introduction The Pacific Bluefin Tuna is an incredibly valued specie who has been doomed for decades. Although the IUCN has listed this specie as vulnerable, they are far becoming more endangered to the point of extinction. Their population remains at 4% of what they were before commercial fishers began capturing them by the thousands (The IUCN Red List, 2014). The Pacific Bluefin Tuna is one of the largest and fastest fishes in the ocean. Their are three distinctions of the Bluefin Tuna; the Southern, Atlantic, and in this case, the Pacific which is located primarily in the northern hemisphere of the Pacific Ocean. They are special species because they can easily adapt to different environments, migrate for long distances, and are…show more content…
Overfishing is a problem because Bluefin Tuna is responsible for keeping population numbers in check, thus creating detrimental effects if the biodiversity were to be threaten and the ecosystem were to become imbalanced. Furthermore, the Bluefin Tuna have fallen victim to becoming targeted and non targeted species by fisherman. Purse seine fishing is the number one fishing method used to catch the Tuna. However, long-line fishing also poses as a threat because they are unintentionally caught in by-catches, creating an unnecessary waste. In addition, studies demonstrate that Japan has the largest number of catches. Japan’s economy has the most to loose if they do not protect their valued specie. They have made little efforts for change and the ISC concluded that current levels of fishing have now become unsustainable. It has been concluded that this stock will continue to decline in 2018 (Nickson, 2018). This specie has fallen a tragedy of the commons model due to individuals trying to gain the greatest benefit, without realizing what the long term effects would be when the demands of the resource overwhelms the supply. This will hurt the well being of multiple societies, and most important, the well being of the Bluefin Tuna. The ISC stated that these species need new management plans to ensure it’s sustainability. With conservation efforts of the IATTC and WCPFC, there will be a plan for rebuilding spawning populations, placing a
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