The Pact Analysis Essay

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The Pact Analysis

Friendship is the support for most great inspiration. Friendship creates peer pressure, both positive and negative, and it is nearly unavoidable in everyday life. The author’s of The Pact were raised in the streets of Newark, New Jersey. They were faced with many dangerous decisions. Despite many tremendous distractions, they were able to apply knowledge gained from friendship and experience to help them through their lives to propel them to where they are today.

As a child, I felt that having friends was the most significant cause in who I am today. Throughout my life I have had many friends who have influenced me in numerous ways, but now most of them have become distant acquaintances. Although the majority
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For some reason, throughout my life I was blessed with people who told me positive things, and I believed them” (11). I can relate to George because he too had many people around him telling him positive things. Growing up is hard to do, and where you live has a lot to do with who you might become.

My hometown was diminutive and old-fashioned. I lived in the country, and living in an urban area is contradictory to that of a city. Sam, on of the authors of The Pact, tells how the city is different from the country by saying, “[t]he sounds of gunshots and screeching cars late at night and before dawn were as familiar to us as the chirping insects must be to people who live in the country”(32). I am able to connect deeply to this quote because I am very familiar to the chirping insects that Sam makes similar to his own experience.

While Sam, George, and Rameck were growing up, they were able to witness acts of violence at a first hand glance. Sam, George and Rameck had no choice but to accept this, and because of these experiences they gained knowledge, but not the same knowledge as me. I lived in the suburbs and the land was open and free. I wasn’t a hunter or a nature enthusiast, I simply enjoyed the scenery. Since I wasn’t surrounded immediately by violence in my neighborhood, I was able to go outside and have fun without worrying about being witness to a gunfight and dying from getting accidentally shot. Unlike the author’s of The Pact, I wasn’t living
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