The Pact

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The Pact
Study Guide



1. How does the narrator’s present compare with his past?

2. Who/What has the most influence on impressionable young adults?

3. How are friendships good? How are they bad?

4. How is this success story different than the success stories that you commonly hear?

Chapter 1 “Dreaming Big” ~George


1. How does a trip to the dentist change George’s life?

2. Describe Ella Jenkins Mack. What kind of influence could her work ethic have had on George’s life?

3. Describe George’s step and biological fathers. How were they alike? How were they different.

4. How did George feel about Shahid Jackson?

5. Even though George made a conscious
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How did this scheme turn out?

8. Describe Sam’s experience in jail.

9. How did Sam’s court date turn out?

10. How did the pact he made with George and Rameck seem to him now?

11. How did Sam’s Dayton Street friends react to his college plans?

12. What did Sam decide to do?

Chapter 7 “Hope” ~George


1. What helped each of the students meet the deadline for applications at Seton Hall?

2. What is one of the main goals of the Pre-Medical/Pre/Dental Plus Program?

3. How was Sam’s interview different?

4. How was Rameck’s decision to go to Seton Hall ‘helped’ along?

5. After prom, what did George decide to do with his girlfriend?

6. How did going off to college seem different?

“George on Peer Pressure”


1. To what did George attribute to having a huge influence on his life? 2. Who, does George believe, have the most influence on one another’s lives?

3. How did George avoid socializing with negative people?

4. Why did George admire Rameck and Sam?

5. How important is community involvement during the teenage years?

Chapter 8 “Summer Odyssey” ~Rameck


1. Why did Sam, George, and Rameck have to go to school six weeks earlier than the rest of their classmates?

2. How does Rameck feel about his community?

3. What did Rameck realize about school?

4. Describe an average day of an EOP student.

5. How did the three students

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